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An Inexpensive and Easy way to Market your Business

Blue Mango Deals is a small business just like you. We understand your challenges of running a business and value your time and marketing budget. For a very low monthly fee, you can reach more customers than with print advertising at a fraction of the cost. And we don't take half your deal's income. What you make is all yours all the time, every time.


Our Marketing team members will work with you to create an offer that fits your business. We will be with you every step of the way; from the creation of your offer until your deal launch and beyond. It’s that easy.

Flexible Pricing. Flexible Marketing.




Billed month-to-month



6 Months

Billed Annually. Save 10%.

All Plans Include

Deal/Coupon Monitoring

Change offers monthly

Voucher Management Tool

How it Works


Our marketing team will work with you to create the best offer that benefits your business. You have the flexibility to offer a Daily Deal, a Coupon or Special Event advertising. Our team members will help you select the best images and wording for your offer.


We promote your offer on our network of email, social media and internet and will help you promote your offer on your platform too. Your offer page is only for your business and offer; there are no other offers on your page.


We want to ensure you track the success of your offer. With your Merchant Account you can log in to redeem vouchers, track purchases, and view downloads.

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Blue Mango Deals is easy to use for local merchants. As part of your marketing effort you can save money by reaching thousands online. We will help you reach your customers by using the Blue Mango Deals platform, email and social media.

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